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About Us

Pioneering All-Natural, Plant-Based and Anti-Biotic Free Solutions to Improve Animal Wellness and Producer Performance

Founded in the heart of America's mid-west in 2015, Precision Health Technologies (PHT) emerged from a collaboration of visionary large animal veterinarians and livestock producers.

Our origins trace back to Brookings, SD, where our team saw an unparalleled opportunity in the animal health industry and secured the North American technology, manufacturing, and distribution rights for Grazix Animal Health’s pioneering products. Today, PHT proudly stands as North America’s leading supplier of activated plant phenolic solutions for animal health and wellness, serving veterinarians, producers, and livestock nutritionists alike.
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We are committed to bringing quality and innovation

to the animal health market. Our patented processes and innovative formulations expertly extract and activate polyphenols, ensuring optimal bioavailability when ingested by animals to enhance their overall health. These natural compounds are the backbone of our offerings, ensuring that livestock benefit from improved gut health, robust immunity, and accelerated healing. As advocates for natural, effective solutions, we manufacture products that not only elevate animal health but also significantly impact the producers’ bottom line. Our aim is to empower producers with the tools to remain Antibiotic-Free (ABF) and No Antibiotics Ever (NAE).

We have a relentless drive to innovate

PHT has revolutionized the original Grazix products, culminating in our diverse and targeted product line: PhytoCare™. These advanced products have been meticulously formulated for a multitude of species, addressing their unique health management needs. Our R&D team has delved ever deeper into the science of Reactive Plant Immunity (RPI) and its application in animal health, targeting harmful pathogens and bolstering barrier functions. Our innovation journey witnessed another milestone in 2023 with the launch of a comprehensive suite of ruminant health products, adding to our specially formulated products for swine and poultry.

We are headquartered in Worthington, MN

Since our 2023 relocation, PHT remains deeply connected to its veterinary and animal production heritage, consistently pushing boundaries in animal health, and aiming for a future where both animals and producers thrive side by side.