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In the demanding world of livestock and poultry production, the health of your animals determines your bottom line.

PhytoCare’s naturally occurring compounds work at the cellular level to support a healthy gut, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and support growth.

When integrated into your animals’ diet, PhytoCare not only fortifies them against diseases but also optimizes their weight gain. The results? A more robust herd or flock, less disease, less expense, and ultimately, a healthier profit margin for your operation.

Optimized Health

Enhance your animals' natural defenses, minimizing disease risks and reducing un-necessary treatment costs.

Maximized Growth

Ensure consistent and healthier weight gain, leading to a more productive herd or flock.

Economical Feed Conversion

Get more value from your feed, driving down operational costs.

Stress Management

Reduce the impact of environmental stressors, ensuring your animals thrive in varying conditions.

Easy Dosing

Simple and well-established protocols for use in waterlines or orally across an animal’s life-cycle and in high stress situations.

Swift Recovery

Speed up recuperation times post-illness or injury, minimizing production lags.

Natural Protection

Harness antioxidative and anti-biotic free power to prevent cellular damage and support longevity.

Effortless Integration

Add PhytoCare seamlessly to your waterlines without the need for major adjustments.

PhytoCare® patented, proven and natural animal health solutions for ruminants, poultry and swine are researched, developed and manufactured by veterinarian-owned Precision Health Technologies.

Swine Concentrate

Optimal Hydration and Gut Health for Swine Producers

  • All-natural solution for swine producers, promotes gut health and optimal hydration in a waterline-dispensed form.
  • Tailored for swine and aids in intestinal stability, cellular hydration, and microbiome support.
  • No withdrawal period and antibiotic-free, it ensures safety and effectiveness.
  • Ideal for wean to nursery transition, acute distress relief, antibiotic recovery, and more Versatile applications, from rapid onset to transitional support, address various health needs.

Use Guidelines:

  • Versatile applications, from rapid onset to transitional support to address various health needs.
  • Convenient 1-gallon jug, mixed with fresh, unchlorinated water at 1 oz/gal, 1:128.
  • Rapid Onset Application: Restore gut health after a rapid loss (18 oz/gal for 2-5 days).
  • Transitional Support Application: Maintain intestinal health during environmental stress (12 oz/gal on day 1, 8 oz/gal on days 2-5).

Ruminant Concentrate

Vital Support: Digestive Health Concentrate

  • Developed to support healthy gut development in young calves.
  • Contains patented plant extract solutions for stability and microbiome support.
  • Supports general intestinal health, digestive function, and cellular hydration to combat dehydration.

Use Guidelines:

  • Suitable for calves from three (3) days of age to maintain gut health and prevent discomfort.
  • Available in 1.0-gallon containers.
  • Based on need (see label), add between 2oz and 4oz directly to bulk milk replacer per 100 head every day for 4 days.

Poultry Concentrate

Digestive Health Solutions for Poultry

  • Maintain microbiome stability and support overall digestive well-being.
  • Water-soluble, all-natural plant extract solution for optimal digestive health in poultry.
  • Intestinal stability, cellular hydration, and a healthy microbiome, with no withdrawal period.
  • Ideal for newly hatched chicks and poults in their early days
  • Designed for antibiotic-free environments

Use Guidelines:

  • Application levels, timing, and duration depend on poultry flow and specific enteric health situations.
  • Convenient 1-gallon jug for easy handling and mixing with non-chlorinated water.
  • Chick Starter (Day 2-4 after arrival): Mix 12 ounces per gallon of infused stock solution and administer at 1:128 for 3 days.
  • Transitional Stress (Days 14-21): On days 1-2, mix 16 ounces per gallon of infused stock solution and administer at 1:128 for 48 hours. On days 3-5, mix 8 ounces per gallon of infused stock solution.
  • Acute Intestinal Stress: On days 1-2, mix 18 oz per gallon of infused stock solution. On days 3-4, mix 10 oz per gallon of infused stock solution.


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