Swine Producer Concentrate 1-Gal jug


PhytoCare® Swine Producer Concentrate

Easy to use Concentrate:  If used at 18oz/gallon will support water for 1500 weaned pigs for two days.   Cost effective waterline treatment for gut health.

Phytobiologic-based polyphenol product with multiple application options for swine.  Label provides three levels of use:

Rapid Onset Level:  Mix 18oz/gal of stock solution and add to nursery water lines for 2-3 days.  Aids in returning gut health to a natural state after a rapid loss of intestinal stability.

Transitional Level:  Mix 12oz/gal of stock solution for one day, followed by three additional days at a lower level of 8oz/gal of stock solution.  Supports intestinal health and hydration in animals with temporary intestinal looseness associated with environmental stresses, movement, or after intestinal therapy.  Can be used daily with sick pen gruel feeding.

Plant extract solution aids in intestinal stability and cellular hydration while supporting the microbiome.

Natural Cellular health aid, for intestinal function.