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Boosting Ruminant Health and Your Bottom Line with Polyphenol-Enhanced Nutritional Pastes

By August 7, 2023June 7th, 2024No Comments
By: Conrad B. Schmidt, DVM and Robert Tims, MBA

In the realm of animal health, the application of polyphenol-enhanced nutritional paste products with selected probiotics, vitamins, toxin binders and essential ruminate based ingredients, is not just a new way to care for our young ruminants, but represents four new paste products that are programmable for a specific need. PhytoCare® paste products are a smart investment that yields financial dividends for ruminant producers, farmers, and dairies.

The All-Natural Healing Power of Polyphenols

Naturally occurring in various plants, polyphenols are compounds with impressive antioxidant properties. These power-packed compounds are making waves in the realm of animal health, showing promising results in boosting gut health and overall intestinal function and support that is vital for a healthy start and a healthy productive health.

Producers Should be Investing in Enteric Health

The health of a ruminant’s digestive system, or enteric health, plays a crucial role in their overall wellness. Young ruminants are particularly susceptible to a myriad of gut-related complications that can stunt growth and productivity. Polyphenol-enhanced nutritional paste products with selected PHT probiotics, come to the rescue, offering a double-edged sword of nutrient support and enteric health fortification. By promoting an optimal microbial balance within the ruminant’s gut and enhancing gut lining integrity, these products support the natural cellular intestinal function reducing the risks of infections and gut-related disease. Intestinal health often translates into less time and money spent on animal health care.

The Key is Aiding Foundational Cellular Development

The robust development of the enteric system at the cellular level in young ruminants is vital for nutrient absorption and immunity. Polyphenols are known to stimulate cellular development, activating signaling pathways and facilitating cell proliferation. PHT selected probiotics create beneficial competitive inhibition. Hence, polyphenol-enhanced paste with probiotics will contribute to a stronger enteric system, enabling more efficient nutrient absorption and a better defense against pathogens – key factors in reducing future healthcare costs and loss of productivity due to disease.

The Goal is the Bottom-line, Enhancing Profitability through Early Investment in Gut Health

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings especially true in ruminant health. Investing in the early health of ruminants through polyphenol-enhanced nutritional paste products can significantly improve their disease resistance, healthier growth, and development. This proactive approach not only fosters healthier animals but improves and can enhance productivity, ultimately enhancing the profitability of your farming operation.

PhytoCare®: The Profitable Choice

PhytoCare Paste by Precision Health Technologies LLC exemplifies this new frontier of nutritional pastes designed specifically for young ruminants. Harnessing the benefits of polyphenols, probiotics, and key nutrients, PhytoCare products support efficient enteric cellular function, reinforce GI health during transitional stresses, and provide relief for animals dealing with intestinal stresses and low feed intake.

By implementing PhytoCare paste into your young ruminants’ health regimen, you’re making a wise investment that yields both health and financial benefits naturally. Stronger, healthier animals mean higher productivity, whether in terms of growth rate for meat producers, or milk yield for dairies.

In conclusion, the use of polyphenol-probiotic nutrient enhanced natural nutritional paste products by PhytoCare have just revolutionize young ruminant health care; it also provides tangible financial benefits for all ruminate animal producers, hobby farmers, and ruminate animal owners. These products offer a comprehensive solution that naturally bolsters ruminants’ protective cellular function, by supporting their enteric health, ensures a healthier, more productive start—all contributing to a stronger bottom line. Investing in your young ruminants’ health truly pays off!