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Mark Moore of Successful Farming Ranks PhytoCare in Top 9 New Products from World Dairy Expo 2023

By November 1, 2023June 6th, 2024No Comments

We are thrilled to announce that PhytoCare, our innovative line of natural enteric and skin care products for ruminants, has been highlighted by Mark Moore of Successful Farming as one of the top new products from the World Dairy Expo 2023. The article, titled “9 New Products from World Dairy Expo 2023,” showcases the latest advancements in agricultural products, and we are honored to be featured among the best.

Successful Farming’s Coverage

Mark Moore, a seasoned agricultural writer with over 30 years of experience, provided an in-depth look at the new products making waves in the industry. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

“A new line of natural enteric and skin care products from Precision Health Technologies is formulated specifically for ruminants. PhytoCare calf products are designed to bolster enteric stability and cellular hydration, especially during feed transitions. The products feature a veterinarian-delivered concentrate, liquid, and paste versions for both veterinarians and producer use. There is also a polyphenolic skin spray for navel and skin care. Derived primarily from plant extractives, PhytoCare’s bioactive polyphenolic compounds have been shown to have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. They have also been shown to promote a balanced gut microbiome by favoring the proliferation of beneficial lactobacillus bacteria and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic ones, bolstering the animal’s natural defense mechanisms and enhancing nutrient absorption and digestion.”

About PhytoCare Products

Our PhytoCare product line is developed to support the natural ability of ruminants to maintain a healthy gut microbiome and optimal skin condition. These products are enriched with bioactive polyphenolic compounds derived from plant extractives, known for their antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Our formulations promote:

  • Balanced Gut Microbiome:

    By encouraging the growth of beneficial lactobacillus bacteria and inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, our products help maintain a healthy gut environment.

  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption:

    Improved gut health leads to better nutrient uptake, which is crucial during critical growth phases and feed transitions.

  • Skin Care:

    Our polyphenolic skin spray aids in navel and skin care, promoting healing and repair.

Explore More

We invite you to read the full article on Successful Farming’s website to learn more about the innovations presented at the World Dairy Expo 2023 and to see how PhytoCare stands out among the best new products in the industry.

Read the full article here: 9 New Products from World Dairy Expo 2023

At PhytoCare, we are committed to advancing animal health through natural, research-backed solutions. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into how our products can benefit your livestock.