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PHT launches new line of natural health products for ruminants

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September 2023

Worthington, MN – Veterinarian- and producer-owned Precision Health Technologies announces launch of a portfolio of natural enteric and skin care products formulated specifically for ruminants under its PhytoCare® brand.

PhytoCare® calf products are designed to bolster calf immunity, especially during feed transitions. The line features a veterinarian-delivered concentrate, and liquid and paste versions for both veterinarian and producer use. Gut-health products can be applied orally, through water lines, or in milk-replacers. Paste products are simply applied to the back of the tongue.

“These polyphenolic-based products are farm-friendly, livestock-ready to support healthier, more resilient and more profitable herds,” says co-owner Conrad Schmidt, DVM. “While our concern is animal health and productivity, we keep a close eye on pricing our products to have a real impact on producer ROI.”

“For large animal veterinarians, producers, and nutritionists, understanding the beneficial role of activated polyphenols in livestock health is critical,” he said. “Especially since farmers face increasing pressure to provide all-natural and antibiotic-free alternatives in standard feed and treatment programs.”

How PhytoCare® products work

Derived primarily from plant sources, PhytoCare’s bioactive compounds have been shown to exert profound antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. When introduced to livestock, they have been shown to promote a balanced gut microbiome by favoring the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic ones.

This not only bolsters the animal’s natural defense mechanisms but also enhances nutrient absorption and digestion, leading to improved overall health and performance in poultry and other livestock.

Precision Health Technologies has been selling polyphenol-based gut-health and skin care products in poultry and swine for several years.

Bob Tims, Precision Health Technologies’ manager of sales and business development, notes that these products are suitable for use with goats and sheep. “There are limited enteric health products available for these animals, so we already see great interest from sheep and goat producers.”

Learn more at World Dairy Expo

Please visit us at World Dairy Expo in the Trade Center at Booth 464.


Precision Health Technologies LLC is an innovative discoverer, manufacturer, and distributor of all-natural animal health products for poultry, swine, and ruminants. PHT is owned and operated by several leading U.S. veterinarians, some of whom are producers, and is focused on working with veterinarians and producers to solve difficult enteric and skin health challenges, as well as improve return-on-investment.

PHT acquired the production and product assets of Grazix Animal Health in 2018 from human health-company LiveLeaf, which was focused on the power of a natural ingredients to deliver solutions based on Reactive Plant Immunity (RPI) for improved barrier function by addressing key damaging pathogens.

Today, PHT proudly stands as North America’s leading supplier of activated plant phenolic solutions for animal health and wellness.

PHT is headquartered in Worthington, MN, with its home office and manufacturing operations.

The products are available through selected national distributors or online at www.PhytoCare.US

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