Show Pig Protector-NB™ Paste 6-pack 60ml each


PhytoCare® Show Pig Protector Newborn Paste includes absorbable Protective Proteins, Vitamins with a probiotic.  These ingredients are formulated to support intestinal health and wellness in new born animals.

Use for Early life protection.

Each 10 ml dose contains more than 2 bn cfu of Enterococcus faceium 25,000 IU Vitamin A 500 IU Vitamin D 3 250 mg Vitamin E and 10 mg Vitamin C.

After the first feeding of mother’s milk apply 1 cc for each 10 pounds of body weight to the back of the tongue. Can be repeated daily for 3 days to animals not receiving adequate day 1 mother’s milk.

$3.41/Dose 100# Calf

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