Show Pig GI-Care™ Paste 6-pack 60ml ea


Show Pig GI-Care™ Paste includes Enhanced probiotics, GI modifiers, natural extractives, and vitamins.

A paste designed for all animals in need of intestinal recovery when loss of appetite, nutritional transitions, dehydration and severe stool looseness is present.

Apply 1 cc for each 10 pounds of body weight to the back of the tongue for intestinal support for higher digestive nutrient uptake and in support of improved intestinal health. The Paste is designed for all animals that are experiencing intestinally diarrhea, looseness or environmental stress. Can be repeated daily for 3 consecutive days. Animals with sever acute intestinal issues should us the PhytoCare® GI-Revive™ paste as labeled.

PhytoCare paste products make no claims as to any therapeutic activity. The product carries no withdraw periods. Store product in a cool dry area.

$3.94 / Dose 100# Calf