GI-Revive™ Paste 6-pack 60ml ea


GI-Revive™ Paste:  Powerful intestinal revival. Premium paste DVM formulated to support intestinal recovery in all animals with severe and acute GI stress, dehydration, and loss of appetite.

Apply 1 cc for each 10 pounds of body weight to the back of the tongue.

Ingredients:  L-Lysine, Multiple Natural Extractives, Dried Yeast, and Vitamins.  This RED color-coded product includes PHT’s patented APM™ Activated Phenolic Molecules™.

The Paste is designed for all animals that are experiencing intestinal looseness or environmental stress. Can be repeated daily for 3 consecutive days. Compatible with other Rx intestinal therapies and antibiotics.  Consult with a veterinarian if diarrhea continues.

No withdrawal periods, no claims as to therapeutic activity are made.  Store product in a cool dry area.

$4.73/Dose 100# Calf