Show Pig GI-ReGain™ Oral Drench serum bottle 250ml


PhytoCare® GI-ReGain™, (previously GI-Revive), with Activated Phenolic Molecules™ to support normal enteric function.  When trying to care for animals without antibiotics, GI-ReGain™ is easy to use.

Simply provide 0.5 to 1.0 cc per every 5 – 10# of body weight.  Solution can be oral drenched, added in drinking water, or added to milk replacer.


For enteric cellular support and hydration.  Use when intestinal distresses are first noticed.

As needed:  0.5 to 1.0 ml/5-10 lbs. weight.

Contact veterinarian if no response seen by day 3.


Serum bottle is used for ease of oral dispensing with wrist loaded bottle tools.

(Can be withdrawn with syringe.)


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