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Ag Radio Network’s Tom Cassidy Interviews PHT’s Bob Tims at World Dairy Expo 2023

By October 1, 2023May 21st, 2024No Comments

Join us for an insightful conversation from the World Dairy Expo 2023, where Tom Cassidy of Ag Radio Network sits down with Bob Tims, manager of sales and business development for PhytoCare®.

In this interview, Bob delves into the natural and innovative solutions PhytoCare offers for enteric and skin health in young ruminants. Learn how our products, rich in polyphenols and formulated to support intestinal and overall health, provide a natural alternative to antibiotics.

Discover the benefits of our new product lines, including easy-to-use pastes and liquid supplements, designed to promote healthy and productive livestock. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how PhytoCare is revolutionizing animal health care with natural, plant-based solutions. Tune in to the full interview below from World Dairy Expo 2023 to learn more.

PhytoCare Interview Transcription

Tom Cassidy: World Dairy Expo is billed as a must-attend event for everyone in the global dairy industry. On top of the Dairy Cattle Show’s educational opportunities in networking, the World Class Trade Show is an opportunity for companies to introduce products and services to their customers. Bob Tims is manager of sales and business development for PhytoCare, a new line of enteric and skincare products for ruminant livestock.

Bob Tims: Precision Health Technologies is looking forward to showing our products at the World Dairy Expo, and our products are grass. They’re all natural, so we can’t make any claims. Our products are for those producers that are trying to minimize the need for antibiotics or no antibiotics ever. These all-natural products are approved to be fed to animals. They’re formulated for young animals’ intestinal stress needing improvement. The PhytoCare is for support and function of the normal healthy animals. PhytoCare is a new brand. It’s a reformulation of products that we have had in the market before. We have added additional plant extracts, and most importantly, developed concentration technology in our production. So we’ve been able to drive down our prices while actually improving the products.

Tom: Polyphenols work to improve gut health.

Bob: These natural extractives are from selected plants that have dried extracts. PHT combines these extracts that are high in polyphenol content for function. Polyphenols are their nature’s tool for healing. Any animal that has gut health issues for various reasons, experiencing scours, they’re having, you know, whether you call it a leaky gut, those things like the villi and the brush borders of the intestinal lining, they’re getting attacked. Our products are also wonderful during these natural nutritional transitions, as they’re going from the mother’s milk to the feed. You know, there’s many times when the pathogens are attacking the villi and the intestinal linings. So these polyphenols are nature’s healing. Polyphenols help repair and promote healthy villi and the lining of the gut.

Tom: A healthy calf is associated with an increased return on investment.

Bob: A healthy young dairy calf can produce hundreds of pounds of extra milk over their lifetime if we start those calves off in a high health environment. So starting calves with polyphenols in their milk replacer is an easy way to promote healthy villi and microbiome. A healthy gut is a happy and productive animal.

Tom: These products can also benefit skin health and ruminants.

Bob: So an interesting part of our product, these activated phenolic molecules are highly absorptive into epithelial cells. Your gut is lined, I mean, it’s full of epithelial cells. But you know what else? Your dermal skin is full of epithelial cells. You’re experiencing, whether it is castration, whether it is utter care, navel care, skin abrasions. So our product absorbs into epithelial cells, which are all over your skin. And so this has been a wonderful product to deliver.

Tom: They’ve introduced a product line that’s designed for ease of use.

Bob: For the first time, we’re rolling out both liquids, which has been our historic mainstay. That’s great for those larger operations. If you want to add something in your milk replacer, our liquid PhytoCare product line is what you want. But for ease of use, we’ve now incorporated our technologies into a lineup of paste. There’s four different products. We color-coded them. Easy mental thought, and that is the white one, which is the protector, is continuing that cow’s colostrum. So optimal for newborns. We have a blue-coated one as, you know, the animal’s just not doing completely the same as normal. Something’s up. They’re off a little bit. And so you can give that paste as a boost of bio-life. So it has things like oregano and many different plant extracts. Then we go to yellow, which is kind of like warning signs. It’s called our GI care paste. So that’s an intervention for GI wellness. It’s designed to prevent and help animals respond. So the last one is kind of a red flag, right? Warning flag. And that is our GI revive paste. So it’s a powerful kind of revival, overcoming enteric stress for calves with severe enteric stress, osmotic diarrhea, and dehydration. So in that one, we have dried natural extractives plus our soluble natural extracts in our liquid form incorporated in that. So, you know, if you have a really sick calf, ones you’ve missed, give them GI revive. But I say all that, I have to add this, we don’t make any therapeutic claims. But if you have sick animals, or you want to promote healthy animals, our products are great alternative, all natural way of boosting their health and helping them respond.

Tom: To find out more about PhytoCare products, producers can visit or visit Bob at their booth in the Trade Center at booth number 464 at World Dairy Expo all this week.