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NAFB’s Michael Clements Interviews PHT’s Bob Tims About New Ruminant Products

By October 3, 2023May 23rd, 2024No Comments

Explore the latest advancements in natural animal care with Bob Tims from PhytoCare in an insightful interview with Michael Clements from NAFB. In this discussion, Bob Tims delves into the benefits of our innovative polyphenolic solutions for gut health and skin care in dairy, small ruminants, swine, and poultry. Learn how our new PhytoCare product line, specifically designed for large and small ruminants, supports animals’ natural abilities for a healthy start and lasting productivity. Tune in to discover how our cutting-edge paste and liquid products can revolutionize animal health and enhance farm productivity.

Transcription: NAFB’s Michael Clements Interviews PHT’s Bob Tims

Michael Clements: Natural products for gut health and skin care and dairy, small ruminants, swine, and poultry continue to gain acceptance from veterinarians and producers. Backed by research plus years of experience, the field of offerings grows. One Minnesota-based company, Precision Health Technologies, is launching a new line of products under its PhytoCare brand, specifically designed for use in large and small ruminants. Robert Tims, Precision Health Technologies’ Manager of Sales and Business Development, talks about the positive impact of naturally derived polyphenols.

Bob Tims: Polyphenols come from natural extracts, and Precision Health Technologies, we select the different extracts and combine them for function. So polyphenols are nature’s tool for healing. Any animal that has gut health issues for various reasons, these could include nutritional transitions when pathogens are attacking their villi and intestinal linings, the polyphenols are reported in literature to promote health and repair of the villi and the lining of the gut.

Michael Clements: He says improving gut health translates to a positive return on investment.

Bob Tims: So for a very small investment, starting calves with polyphenols in their milk replacer is an easy way to promote healthy villi and microbiome. Healthy young dairy calves can end up producing hundreds of additional pounds of milk over their lifetime. A healthy gut drives a happy animal and a productive animal.

Michael Clements: Precision Health Technologies is launching a new line of paste products in addition to liquid solutions at World Dairy Expo.

Bob Tims: The paste products, they’re going to be color-coded for easy selection. From white, which is the protector product, it’s like an extension of the mother’s milk, boosting that early colostrum protection. We go to blue, which is our BioLife product, and this is for those calves that need digestional support. The yellow GI Care Paste is an intervention for GI wellness. Our fourth one is red and it’s GI Revive Paste. It includes both dried extracts as well as soluble natural extracts in liquid form. So when you really have a sick calf, give the GI Revive. Our liquid products, they are all about promoting the healthy intestinal development and natural response to challenges. The last product is going to be the ruminant skin repair. Here we’re relying on the polyphenols to help promote cleaning, healing, and skin repair.

Michael Clements: You can learn more online or by attending World Dairy Expo.

Bob Tims: The first and best place to go would be our website, There we’ll have product information and we’ll have lists and links to our main distributors. But additionally, and most important, we’ll have product available at our booth number 464 in the Trade Center Expo building. And we really look forward to meeting people at the World Dairy Expo.

Michael Clements: Again, the website is Michael Clements reporting.