Ruminant Newborn – 900ml bottle


Ruminant Newborn™

Enteric Cellular Condition and Maintenance

Natural, safe, effective, no withdrawal plant extract solution

Natural support for digestive function, cellular hydration as well as intestinal health.

Plant extract solution aids in intestinal stability and cellular hydration while supporting the microbiome.

Natural Cellular health aid, for intestinal function.


PhytoCare® Ruminant Newborn is a preventative enteric application for all ruminant newborn animals.

Veterinary Formulated to support natural enteric cellular development.

Polyphenols help to continue healthy natural cellular development at the intestinal and mucosal level.

Contains patented activated phytonutrients from selected plant extracts.



1cc per each 10 lbs. of body weight

Dose for two days orally between day 2 and 14

Add to milk replacers, drinking water or oral drench.

If osmotic diarrhea is seen use Ruminant GI-Revive™ solution or paste products.

PHT solutions are safe, beneficial natural phenolic molecules that require no withdrawal periods and are considered GRAS products and thus no Therapeutic claims are made by PHT.


PhytoCare® Ruminant Newborn should be given AFTER colostrum is received by the calf.

*No therapeutic claims are made with natural extractive products.