Grazix™ Porcine W – Weaned Pig Care – 900ml bottle


What is Porcine-W?

Grazix Porcine-W is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to support the digestive health of weaned piglets. It contains vitamin B1, LiveXtract™ of pomegranate and LiveXtract™ of green tea.

How does Porcine-W work?
Vitamin B1 is known for alleviating the effects of stress on animals, especially on their digestive system. The LiveXtract technology builds on a solid scientific foundation of studies showing the benefits of polyphenols on digestive health and takes their positive effects to the next level. Pomegranate and green tea have been selected for being recognized as safe, and for their high content in polyphenols. The polyphenols are bio-activated and stabilized by the LiveXtract process. As a result, they can deliver the full benefits of living plant immunity to the digestive tract of the animals.