Show Pig BioLife-GI™ Paste 6-pack 60ml each


PhytoCare® BioLife-GI™ includes multiple Protective microbes and Vitamins for Intestinal Care.  This product is Colored BLUE for those times when the animal is starting to feel blue, or off a little.

Use to Support Intestinal health.

PhytoCare Microbial probiotics and essential Vitamins supporting natural intestinal health.

INGREDIENTS:  Each 10 ml dose contains more than 3 billion cfu of PHT blended microbial cultures 25,000 IU Vitamin A 500 IU Vitamin D 3 250 mg Vitamin E and 30 mg Vitamin C

Ingredients:   Selected PhytoCare microbial isolates of B subtilis. B licheniformus B caogulans and E faceium and fermentation by-products, Vitamins A, E, C and D soybean oil, dextrose, silicon dioxide sodium chloride, potassium chloride. Natural flavoring and coloring agents.

Usage Directions.

Apply 1 cc for each 10 pounds of body weight to the back of the tongue for intestinal support for higher nutritional intake. The Paste is designed for all animals that are underachievers and suffering from enteric issues such as:  Not eating, falling behind, being treated with antibiotics for diarrhea or enteric looseness. Can be repeated daily for 3 consecutive days. Animals with sever acute intestinal issues should us the PhytoCare® GI-Revive™ paste as labeled.

$1.58/Dose 100# Calf